Today’s Social Climate and Sexual Assault

The last few days have been stressful one’s in our nation.  Nearly everyone is glued to their TVs, computers, phones and tablets watching the senate hearing for Judge Kavanaugh.  Everyone has an opinion.  EVERY one.  It’s a part of a […]

The Diet Shopping Dilema

“258 pounds! How did I get to 258 pounds again? Ugh! Ok! I’ve seen a bunch of Facebook posts recently about the Keto diet. These people are dropping crazy fast weight. I can get on board with this. I still […]

Is Every Country Song About Love?

Do you ever listen to country music?  I like pretty much all music and go thru phases with different genres.  This week I am on a strong country kick, which is funny, because country is one of those genres I […]

What makes you happy?

Many friends have asked me since I started writing 2 weeks ago, why?  What is my purpose for writing this and for beginning to build my social media websites dedicated to Life on the Virg? Back in January, after spending […]

It’s Time to Make My Dreams Happen

I am going to Paris.” ~ Me in 1989 “I am going to Paris!” ~ Me in 2016 “I am going to Paris!” ~ Me in 2018 Are you starting to sense a pattern? When I dream, I dream big. […]

Well, this didn’t turn out how I planned it…

“I’m the single old aunt…”  I think to myself as I sit on the couch for yet another Friday evening of DVR watching and dog schnuggling (he’s a schnauzer… we schnuggle!).  “How did this happen?  I was supposed to be […]